Linked with ancient healing therapies, both therapeutic and relaxation massages have been of great benefits. Many individuals in Palm Coast, Saint Augustine and Ormond Beach are reaping the health benefits of hot stone massage, deep tissue massage and relaxation massage therapies here at White Lotus Healing Arts.

Therapeutic Therapy

There are both physical and emotional benefits of therapeutic therapy. When a skilled therapist deftly gives you a therapeutic therapy massage, you will get on the spot relief from stress, depression, pain and problems like frozen shoulder. Our certified massage therapist focus on troubled areas on your body. So, you get exactly what your body needs. This therapy is pretty helpful in breaking down scar tissues and normalizing blood circulation.

Relaxation Massage

Setting aside some time for a relaxation massage session is a wise step towards an excellent physical and mental wellbeing. All worries and tensions are gone when you are rewarded with calming and soothing effects of relaxation massage in Palm Coast at White Lotus Healing Arts.

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