This massage therapy is being practiced for thousands of years for stimulating nerve function, boosting blood circulation, increasing energy, eliminating toxins, preventing migraines, improving the central nervous system and also for treating several urinary tract conditions. This therapy is also pretty effective in recovery after surgery or injury. Backed by scientific evidence, this massage therapy has delivered a good number of positive health benefits.

We apply the most effective techniques to cure sleep disorders, relieve stress and pain with reflexology in Palm Coast and neighboring cities including Ormond Beach and Saint Augustine. This massage therapy has the ability to improve the stimulation of more than 7,000 nerve endings. This is more than enough to significantly improve nerve function in a single session. This therapy improves flexibility and functionality as it opens and cleans out neural pathways.

Our Ayurvedic massage and Reiki energy work in Palm Coast is designed to boost energy level, increase circulation, eliminate toxins, stimulate the nervous system, reduce headaches and provide relaxation.

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